Introducing the Wallbox Pulsar Plus Electric Vehicle Charger for Your Home

You’ll need more than the home charger included with your Electric Vehicle (EV) to efficiently charge at home. Charging with the standard home unit can take more than 12 hours to bring your vehicle’s battery up to full capacity. Charge fast and smart with the Wallbox Pulsar Plus smart EV charger for your home. And now, Wallbox will help you use the energy generated by your home solar system to fuel your EV with 100% green fuel!


A Fully Green Option for Your Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Wallbox is introducing Eco-Smart Solar EV Charging. Monitor and control your Pulsar charger from an app on your smartphone. Now you can use the green energy generated by your solar panels at home to charge your electric vehicle in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Two Modes: Full-Green or Eco Mode

With the Eco smart system, you decide what source charges your vehicle by choosing one of two modes - choices you make right from your smartphone! In the Full-Green mode, the Eco-smart system detects when there is enough surplus green energy available at your home to meet the minimum requirements to charge your vehicle. That’s when your Wallbox will begin charging your vehicle, meaning every charge is 100% green.

100% green energy
Green energy + Grid energy

In Eco Mode, the system detects what surplus green energy is available in your home, and mixes that with power from the grid to ensure a fast, efficient charge.

Start using Eco-Smart via myWallbox

Wallbox app

Once you have installed the Pulsar Plus 40A or 48A, download the free myWallbox app to Access Eco-Smart as soon as it’s available, along with the existing smart features including scheduling, real-time statistics, and more.

Learn more about why you should use your home solar to charge your EV.

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Benefits of the Wallbox Electric Vehicle Home Charger

Freedom to choose

You are not tied to the inefficient charger that came with your EV. Pulsar Plus can charge any electric car on the market today and is future-ready to handle tomorrow’s more powerful EV batteries. The Eco-Smart system lets you choose the greenest source of power to charge your vehicle.

Simple and efficient
Pulsar Plus

Once installed, Pulsar Plus makes home charging simple, efficient, and convenient. The integrated myWallbox app allows you to control your charger from your smart devices via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Safe and Reliable

The compact and powerful Pulsar Plus is designed with safety, reliability, and convenience in mind. The unit is UL listed for electrical safety. It’s also NEMA Type 4 rated which means it’s resistant to dust and water and can be mounted outside if that is more convenient for your use.

Contact us to learn more about the Wallbox Home EV Charger solution.

Pulsar Plus on wall
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