Tariff on Solar Panels

The president has taken the recommendation of the International Trade Council and instituted a 30% tariff on most imported solar cells and modules. While the solar industry voice has been very loud in opposition we need to keep in mind the industry voice is heavily weighted with the very large utility scale developers. For them a couple cents per watt makes a huge difference.

For the average medium size installer, such as Michigan Solar Solutions, we expect this to have little impact. This is mostly because the cost of solar modules has fallen so much in the past several years they are now less than 25% of the total cost of an installed residential solar array.

With the manufacturers, distributors and installers absorbing some of the tariff, the average homeowner may see a 4% increase in the cost of their solar array. Currently Michigan Solar Solutions has ample supply of pre-tariff modules that we will not have to raise prices for a couple months.


Written by Michigan Solar Solutions February 2018

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