Michigan Solar Solutions has been Solar World’s leading Platinum Installer for years. Solar World panels are made in the USA and uses many materials made in Michigan in their product. Don’t be fooled by other manufacturer’s claims of higher efficiency panels.  Solar World has been making panels since the 1970’s and has many of its original panels still operating at factory specification levels today.  They come with a 25 year warranty and are expected to provide you energy for 40+ years.  They even come with a 3rd party warranty, for your piece of mind.

SolarWorld Panels are TOUGH!  Watch the video, below for proof . . .

More on Solar Panels

Michigan Solar Solutions has sold mono and poly-crystalline panels in the past.  The difference between the two technologies is the orientation of the crystals in the panel.  Poly (meaning many) has crystals that are grown in many different directions.  Mono (meaning one) has crystals that are grown in only one direction, thus they produce more electricity that poly.  The important thing to note is the actual value of the panel or how many watts it is rated for.  It is interesting to note also that the power rating of a panel is determined under “ideal” laboratory conditions.  The actual power produced by a panel is impacted by weather conditions, time of year, dirt on the panels, voltage drops over copper wires and latitude on the Earth.

Thin film solar panels are all but non-existent, except for specific applications such as solar powered calculators, etc.  There was a period of time when standing-seam metal roofs would use thin film solar material between the ribs.  However, the efficiency improvements and drop in prices of the poly and mono panels all but drove them out of the market.

Solar shingles replace traditional roofs with a product that has solar panel material built into a traditional looking roof shingle.  They have been marketed by several companies over the past ten years, most notably Michigan’s own Dow-Corning, out of Midland.  They sold off this division of business after 2015 because the idea never took hold.  To date, no-one has been able to match the reliability, ease of install, nor warranty of traditional mono/poly panels.  Because the solar shingles haven’t caught on, the market never built enough momentum to drive the manufacturing price down low enough to become truly competitive.

A company called Tesla has recently come out with a new solar shingle product.  A lot of customers ask us about it.  As of January 2018, it is only available in specific markets like California – they are not available in Michigan.  We estimate that these products will not be available in our market until after 2018.  We don’t know if MSS will be allowed to sell and install them.  Initial reports indicate that they will be more expensive than traditional panels.

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