Check out the video below for more info on P.A.C.E. financing options:

From retail space to office buildings to hotels and more, Michigan Solar Solutions can help your business or your facility be seen as a leader in the green energy movement. And we’ll save you money! Costs of solar panels have come down in recent years. Plus the tax incentives couldn’t be better. But some incentives are due to expire in the near future, so call today to beat the deadline.

With our long term financing options your payments will be competitive with what you are currently paying for your electricity. This will give you immediate marketing ability and protect you from skyrocketing electric cost.  A conservative estimate for electrical cost inflation is 5.9% annually.  At 5.9% $7,000 worth of electricity today will cost $29,000 in twenty-five years. Twenty-five years is the power production guarantee of the panels.