Why Would a Michigan Home Owner Go Solar?

99%+ of homeowners in Michigan pay the utility company money every month, to have electricity.  What does that get you?  The right to keep paying their bill, but with an average annual increase of 4%  – 6% the next year, and the year after that, and the year after that . . .

The other .3% +/- have realized that there is an alternative:  They can quit paying the electric company for electricity and instead invest it in a solar array to make their own electricity.  After the system is paid for, you own it.  The production warranty of the panels is 25 years, and it should produce electricity for 40 years.

Bottom Line:  Homeowners that switch to solar, save tens of thousands of dollars.  They don’t have to worry about higher and higher electric bills.

Secondary Benefits of Solar

Solar increases the value of your home and makes it more marketable, especially with a Pearl Certification.  Adding solar panels to your roof shades it and can extend the life of your roof.  Adding solar to the grid helps stabilize the grid during periods of high usage.  This can help to prevent power outages.  Since the electric companies share the production of electricity with homeowners’ solar arrays, their plants don’t have to work so hard, thus they use less fossil fuel to produce energy and that helps the planet!

Is Solar Right for Me?

Grid Tied with Batteries

99% of the solar arrays in Michigan are called Grid-Tied arrays.  A house with a grid tied solar array is still connected to the electric company because it uses the electric company as A Giant Battery.  This allows a Michigan home-owner to make extra electricity in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  You use what you need, but the excess goes back to the grid for others to use.  The electric company keeps track of the electricity you put back on the grid and holds on to it for when you need it – at night and during the short days of Winter.

If the power from the electric company goes out and you have a grid-tied solar array without batteries, the system shuts down too.  This is so utility people working on power lines don’t accidentally get electrocuted when they make repairs.

If you want to ensure you have power when the electricity from the power company goes out, Michigan Solar Solutions can install a battery back-up for you.  Fill out the form at the side of the page to request more information on battery back-ups.


You can have solar power and not be connected to the electric company.  This is called an off-grid solar array.  Michigan Solar Solutions has a full time engineer on staff that can help you design and implement an off-grid solution.  Use the form on the side to start the process.

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What To Expect

Why Choose Michigan Solar Solutions?

As a full-service solar installer since 2007, Michigan Solar Solutions (MSS) has installed hundreds of solar arrays across the state.  We have more 5-Star ratings online than all of our competition combined, which means we probably have a happy customer near you.  MSS has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we were vetted by the Sierra Club of Michigan as a company their members can trust.  We have factory trained  and certified staff and are one of the few companies in Michigan with a fully staffed service department with remote monitoring capabilities.

Why do home-owners choose our company?  We think it is because we do business based on the Golden Rule:  We treat you like we would want to be treated.

Michigan Solar Solutions provide a free solar analysis to let you see if solar is right for you.  We visit your home when you request us to, and we promise to NEVER “High Pressure” sell you anything.  We are here to help YOU and will make going solar easy with a complete turn-key system.  We handle everything for you and provide free monitoring for the life of your system!

Selecting Solar Contractors

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