Wind Facts

In 2008 the USA became the largest producer of wind power in the world.

  • Good wind turbine location is very important. An increase in wind speed of 25% could double the power produced from the turbine.
  • Michigan's Lake Michigan coast and the 'thumb' areas of Saginaw Bay are some of the best locations in the USA for Wind turbines. Check out the wind maps at different elevation at the bottom of this link.
  • The Vestas V90 wind turbine has 148' blades on a 262' tower totaling 410' tall, and generates 1.8 mega (million) watts.
  • T. Boone Pickens, famed Texas oil billionaire, announced in June of 2007 that he was creating the world's largest wind farm in the panhandle of Texas. Once completed it will have 2000 wind turbines generating 4000 mega (million) watts of electricity.





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