Why Going Green with Solar Power is Good for Business

Solar panels face the sky in front of an office building.With the rise of alternative energy, there are even more options available to residential and commercial customers. Solar power provides many benefits for business owners, including increasing their value. This post will go through the top benefits of solar power for businesses.

Solar Power Could Reduce Your Utility Bill

Your company will always need electricity. Drawing on sources such as coal, natural gas, or oil costs money. Drawing on the sun’s energy through solar is free. The power gained during the day is significant despite the impact of night and weather on energy collection. Solar power offers the chance to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill as the power your system produces offsets the power you pull from the grid. The more power your system generates, the less you owe in utility costs.

Solar Power is Low-Maintenance

Once installed, your solar panel system will need minimal maintenance. During the installation process, the technicians will optimize it to work reliably under warranty for around 25 years, with a lifespan closer to 35 years. If your system will not use batteries, there is even less of a need for maintenance. 

Solar Power Helps Your Company Go Green

Listing your business as a “Green Company” encourages both consumers and other business to partner with you. Solar energy is renewable and sustainable without contributing to air pollution during its operation. Choosing to operate using solar panels adds an environmentally-friendly stance which fits into an overall corporate social responsibility section of a company’s values. 

Good Return on Investment

As technology develops, the quality of products improves while the costs drop. Solar panels prices have dropped over 70 percent since 2009, according to National Geographic. The cost of installation still is an expensive investment, but tax credits, incentives, and rebates can help offset the costs. With these savings added to the reduction of utility costs leads to a rapid return on investment for choosing solar. Once the installation has been paid off, your solar panels will provide free energy for the rest of their lifespan

The Michigan Solar Solutions team provides Michigan residents and businesses with alternative energy options to reduce their environmental impact and save them money on utility bills. Learn more about our commercial opportunities by clicking here. Give us a call today at our Southeast Michigan location at (248) 923-3456, our Southwest Michigan at (616) 855-5055, or our Central/Northern Michigan (989) 833-5333 to talk to one of our solar professionals.


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