Request for your assistance: Recruiting the Michigan Green Army Reserve!

On Earth Day 2018, the Michigan Public Service Commission announced their ruling to replace Net Metering with Distributive Generation.  This has the potential to significantly slow the growth of residential and commercial solar projects.  This is because this change will significantly extending the payback period of those who are interested in making this investment.  This is considered a win for DTE and Consumers Energy, and a loss for the renewable energy. In response to this move by the MPSC, five Michigan legislative members created the Energy Freedom Legislation, consisting of House Bills 5861-5865.  These bills will effectively counter the MPSC ruling and provide additional legislation that will spur growth in the residential and commercial solar.  Unfortunately, this bill is still in committee and doesn't appear that it will be voted on until after 2019.  That is, of course, if it ever makes it out of committee. That is the reason for our request for your help. Michigan Solar Solutions would like to request your involvement in forming a Green Army Reserve.  The goal of this reactionary body is to be available at a moments notice, to join together to effect change at the state legislative level.  If we can recruit a large enough body of citizens, who are willing to make their voices heard on issues of renewable energy, we believe we can sway the actions of our state representatives. Here is the plan:

  1.  Sign up for the Michigan Green Army Reserve by clicking on the button below, and filling out your information.  Please note, your information will not be used for solicitations and will never be shared nor sold.  It will be strictly used for the sole purpose of rallying to effect change on specific topics at the legislative level.
  2. When you are notified of an issue that requires the assistance of the Michigan Green Army Reserve, please reach out to the appropriate legislative member and let your voice be heard.
  3. Recruit other like-minded people to help all of our voices be heard.

There is power in numbers, as we have seen throughout history.  We would like your help in effecting a change for the better. 


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