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5 Reasons Why Solar Is an Excellent Fit In Michigan

Most people consider states like California and Florida as the top locations for solar. This perception comes from the idea that solar flourishes in warmer climates with lots of sun exposure. While this is partially true, solar makes sense for...

How to Grow Your Business by Promoting Clean Energy

While PR campaigns and media spots are ways to boost your brand image, investing in solar and promoting your value of renewable energy can benefit you also. More and more people today are supporting businesses that are green friendly. A Nielsen...

What is Your Carbon Footprint and How to Reduce It

A product, person, and organization can create a carbon footprint. What is it exactly? A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide CO2, released into the atmosphere by certain activities. For example,...

Net Zero Energy Building: How to Best Leverage Onsite Solar

Net Zero Energy building is an up and coming trend. To be considered Net Zero, commercial buildings and homes must be built and/or restored so their annual energy consumption is equal to their annual onsite energy generation. When energy consumption...

Michigan Solar Solutions Featured on 2020 Top Solar Contractors List

COMMERCE, MICHIGAN, JULY 22, 2020—Although the COVID-19 pandemic is the immediate crisis unfolding at the moment, mitigating climate change is also an urgent issue. Solar PV installation is one way to help reduce greenhouse gases from fossil fuels....
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