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How to Be Sure Commercial Buildings Are Not Being Overcharged for Electricity

Every business that occupies a building uses electricity. Whether electricity is used for computers, lights, manufacturing or to power a fleet; electricity is integral to performing day to day functions. However, as the person who pays the bills...

3 Reasons Including Solar in a Building Upgrade is an Excellent Idea

In 2019 alone, 22,102 commercial businesses underwent remodels in the U.S. and thousands of homes also undergo remodels each year.  Is adding solar during a commercial or residential remodel a good idea? Businesses and residents alike may reap the...

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Capital Expense for Renewable Energy Projects

Liquid capital is one of the most valuable assets a business has in its arsenal to continue operations, improve operations and make capital purchases. But in an economic landscape where most businesses work hard to avoid capital expenses, how does a...

4 Ways to Know Solar is a Good Fit for your Business

Big or small, many industrial businesses can reap the benefits of installing solar power. When considering going solar, business executives should consider their goals of the project. Are you interested in going solar to cut your energy consumption...

How to Stop Big Utilities from Taking Away Solar Owner Benefits

Did you know the current Michigan laws are putting solar growth in jeopardy? Believe it or not, Michigan and big utilities have created rules and laws that make it harder to justify installing solar in Michigan - and harder for businesses and...
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