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What You Need to Know About Going Solar in 2021

Update January 4, 2021:The 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit for both residential and commercial solar has been extended through 2022. Are you considering going solar in 2021? There are a couple of considerations for the transition to clean energy at...

If you are an architect, this is the solar blog for you

Solar photovoltaics have penetrated the new construction industry, period. One outstanding example is the California mandate that all new homes must have solar installed starting January 1, 2020. The push for solar in new construction is exciting...

What to Expect From Your Solar Energy Production in the Winter

As winter is fast approaching, you will see some changes in your solar production and monitoring. This is normal and expected! Continue reading to learn about common things that will happen to your solar system during the winter and what you can do...

How Solar For Car Dealerships Will Save The Day

[Updated July 12, 2021] The automobile industry is approaching its biggest paradigm shift since the rise of the assembly line - the shift from fossil fuel-fed machines to electricity-driven machines. This change has been coming for years and is now...

Worried About Shading? Aurora Solar is the Solution

Shading by trees and surrounding buildings is a big concern for homeowners and businesses when they’re considering going solar. Fear not, however, because we use Aurora Solar to ensure that your array will work efficiently!
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The Average Return on Solar in Michigan is Over 10% Per Year

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