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4 Ways Solar Helps Hotels Make the Most of the Current Downturn

Now, more than ever, the hotel and hospitality industries are under increasing pressure from competition. Traditional hotels are trying to remain relevant, while firms like Airbnb, the home rental app slowly eat into their profits. To preserve their...

Why You Need Emergency Battery Backup Systems Right Now

During the fall, Michigan sees increased storms as the temperature changes. This leads to more stormy weather and power outages across the state.

8 Hidden Reasons to Love Solar PV

The primary benefits of interconnected solar or grid-tied solar are widely recognized as electricity bill reduction, carbon emission offset, and improved resiliency; all of which are excellent benefits of solar panels. However, there are many less...

MSS Recognized as Solaria's Installer of the Week

Michigan Solar Solutions has been selected as Solaria’s featured solar installer of the week as part of their Pro Partner Program! We are proud to be honored from August 31, 2020 through September 4th, 2020 by such an innovative company who strives...

5 Reasons Why Solar Is an Excellent Fit In Michigan

Most people consider states like California and Florida as the top locations for solar. This perception comes from the idea that solar flourishes in warmer climates with lots of sun exposure. While this is partially true, solar makes sense for...
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