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How your energy-efficient home will lower your electric bills and help the planet

There are numerous good reasons to limit energy usage in our homes. Starting at the household level is an easy way to ensure a robust Earth for your children and grandchildren. And, of course, there’s another bonus beyond sustainability when you...

Should you go off-grid? The best way to ditch your dependence on the electrical grid.

How to increase power independence and energy resilience with solar and battery backup

4 Myths About Lifting the Cap on Michigan Residents’ Solar Access

And why utility companies want you to think it’s a bad idea

3 Ways Battery Backups and Solar Arrays Empower Your Prosperity

Today, electricity is involved in almost every aspect of our lives — there is almost no domestic task that doesn’t involve it. We likely don’t even spend a lot of time contemplating necessary actions, such as cooking and storing food, washing...

6 Sustainable Upgrades for Your Home to Increase Your Energy Resilience

As threats to our power supply become more possible, increasing our energy resilience is crucial. Resilience-building energy and sustainability practices, both for homeowners and businesses, help maintain energy availability in all types of...
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The Average Return on Solar in Michigan is Over 10% Per Year

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