How to Grow Your Business by Promoting Clean Energy

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While PR campaigns and media spots are ways to boost your brand image, investing in solar and promoting your value of renewable energy can benefit you also. More and more people today are supporting businesses that are green friendly. A Nielsen study showed that 66% of global consumers are committed to companies who use clean energy, recycled materials and are taking the necessary steps to fight climate change.

With that being said, customers should know that you’re environmentally friendly. You can inform them in several ways.

How to Promote Your Solar Array

Digital Marketing

Use social media as a tool for promoting your array. Make sure to document the installation process before, during and after by taking photos and videos to gain attention.

Grand Opening Event

After installation, hold an event for employees and customers to show off your new array.

Press Release

Writing and sending out a press release will increase your traction online and drive traffic to your website. You can upload a press release to certain sites like PRNewswire or upload a blog to your website and share across social media.


Like a blog post, you can also create a page on your website describing how your company is going green. This can include solar and other steps you’ve taken to decrease your carbon footprint. You can also include sustainability as one of your company values and add it to your mission/vision statements.

Other Green Initiatives

In addition to solar, here are some ways to make your business more sustainable:

  • Start recycling plastics and paper goods.
  • Retail industry: Offer discounts to customers who bring in used apparel to be repurposed. For example, check out Madewell’s denim recycle campaign.
  • Food and beverage industry: Many coffee shops offer discounts to those that bring in their own cup. You can also start procuring recycled goods like cups, napkins, trays, etc.

As a company that made a great investment in solar, use your resources to share your sustainability values. This can include digital marketing, community events, press releases and more.

AdobeStock_8296953-5Industry Example

Even after being legalized in many states, cannabis growers still struggle to be favorable in the eyes of many. However, they have utilized marketing tools to promote their dedication to the environment with solar, sustainable irrigation, and more. This has helped them gain acceptance of the communities they inhabit and attract green-friendly customers. Learn more about how the cannabis industry is growing with clean energy.

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Allison Schmuecker, Marketing Communications Specialist

Written by Allison Schmuecker, Marketing Communications Specialist

Allison is a creative marketer that specializes in digital marketing, content creation and website development. Allison has a degree in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design from Michigan State University.

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