How Solar Battery Backup Can Keep Your Lights on During a Power Outage


Summer has descended on Michigan’s lower peninsula and that means storm season is on its way. Mid-summer is when Michiganders are most likely to experience severe weather, whether it be damaging thunderstorms, tornadoes, or hail. And unfortunately, harsh weather can mean power outages.

While a brief power outage might create some screen-free, fun family time with a board game by the light of a candle (storm party!), the novelty will quickly wear off when you begin to worry about spoiled food in your refrigerator, or if you need to summons help and your cell phone battery is drained. There are a number of other major disruptions that a power outage can cause in your home.

Solar Plus Battery Backup Protects Your Family from Power Outages

One of the benefits of having a solar array with a battery backup installed on your home is that it can increase your energy independence by providing you with an alternative if high winds or punishing rains create a power outage for your entire neighborhood, city, or county.

Most residential solar arrays are grid-tied, meaning they generate power for your home and feed the excess back to the utility company, which then provides you with a credit. For this type of system, you don’t need a battery backup, but without one, you’ll lose electricity if a storm causes the network power system to go down.

suns-path-solar-powerBattery backups store energy from your solar panels. A grid-tied solar array with a battery backup is called a grid-hybrid. If the network power system goes down, your home draws from the power stored in your battery. A battery backup gives you peace of mind that if a summer storm hits the lower peninsula and knocks out the power, you’ll be able to keep your lights on. It also saves you the trouble of going out to purchase fuel for a generator.

Michigan Solar Solutions (MSS) stocks a variety of premium battery backup systems to power you through the upcoming storm season and beyond. Some features include the ability to add more storage later and mobile apps. An MSS Solar Consultant can help you choose the best brand and decide how much storage you need, which should be guided by the minimum amount you’ll need to get you through a seasonal storm.

Michigan Solar Solutions is one of the most experienced renewable energy firms in Michigan. Our process begins with gaining an understanding of your needs, financial considerations, and your home’s physical setup.

Next Steps

If you’re in the market for a solar system with battery backup, we can help you find the right system for your situation. Our choices range from those capable of powering your home for a single day to those that can power your home for weeks on end if the grid goes down. Read about why you need to add a backup battery to your solar system!

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