When is The Best Time to Start Your Solar Process?


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Going solar is a green and efficient way to enjoy environmentally friendly energy all year long. Most consumers who install solar on their homes experience a complete return on investment in less than a decade! Maybe you’d like to make it happen, but you’re curious: when is the best time to start your solar process? 

The answer is the same time for planting a tree. It should have been five years ago, but we’ll settle for right now. Specifically, late winter or early spring is a great time to begin the solar process so you can capitalize on a full summer of sun! Keep reading for our breakdown on why installing solar is something you want to take full advantage of now, rather than later.

Here’s the bottom line: going solar will save you money. It allows you to take ownership of your power, instead of relying on traditional energy companies. When it comes to these major utility companies, their tendency to increase energy rates over time is continuously speeding up. When you go with solar, it’s protected power; your costs are locked in. You’re making a monthly payment to that, your own asset, rather than “renting” power from the utility.

Speaking of utilities—their rules continue to change. In the past, when paying for electricity (let’s say 14 cents), you would get that exact amount in return. Now that electric rates are over 18 cents in areas, their return has gone up 30%! It bears repeating: the best time to begin the solar process would have been the past, so why not settle for the present? Things will only continue to change with the utility.

Another reason to start your solar process right now? The solar tax credit incentives! Thanks to recent changes made to the ITC in late 2022, solar consumers can enjoy a 30% nonrefundable credit on their federal income taxes. Keep in mind, that’s the case at this current moment. Government incentives are constantly changing; the only thing we know for certain is how it is today. The good news is once you sign up and build up your system, it’s fixed, like locking your interest rate on a mortgage!

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