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How to Prepare Your Home for Solar Power

  If solar power has been on your radar recently, you may be wondering what steps you need to take as a homeowner before implementing this sustainable force into your home permanently. The experts here at MSS have a plethora of information ready for...

When is The Best Time to Start Your Solar Process?

  Going solar is a green and efficient way to enjoy environmentally friendly energy all year long. Most consumers who install solar on their homes experience a complete return on investment in less than a decade! Maybe you’d like to make it happen,...

Are solar panels in Michigan worth it?

  In our beloved Mitten State, many home and business owners have made the switch to solar energy in recent years. But with our varied seasons and (sometimes) unpredictable weather, many people wonder: are solar panels in Michigan worth it? Our...

The Solar Tax Credit - What You Need to Know in 2023

  Earlier this year, we wrote all about the brand-new 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, and its impact on solar energy consumers via tax incentives. As we’re gearing up for the new year, it’s time to do an updated breakdown of what this solar tax credit...

The 6 Steps of Installing Solar Panels For a Home

  So you’ve made the decision to go solar–hooray! You’re starting down the path of taking ownership of your power and your family's security, and contributing to a greener and healthier earth for all. You’re probably curious about the next steps…...
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