6 Ways That Cutting Edge Enphase Solar Batteries Provide Secure Energy

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If you have stayed up-to-date on the solar industry, you are likely aware of solar backup batteries. However, if you are not in the loop, solar batteries are essentially energy storage units to store unused energy and provide it during crucial times. For instance, when the power goes out, your solar backup battery will keep your home’s electricity and appliances working. They may also be able to be used to power your off-grid system and to provide energy on days when there isn’t as much sun (stormy/cloudy weather and during winter months when the daylight is shorter).

Solar batteries have many benefits, including energy security and improved annual savings. While there are different types of solar batteries on the market, including the Tesla Powerwall and Outback Power Systems, we will be focusing our attention on Enphase battery storage systems.

What is Enphase?

Enphase is a key residential and commercial solar product provider, including microinverter technology, AC modules and storage solutions. Michigan Solar Solutions has been using Enphase technology for years to deliver high-quality solar installation systems for our customers and we are now offering Enphase battery storage systems.

Why Use Enphase Solar Batteries?

Enphase has brought their solar industry expertise into the solar storage market by providing Enphase Encharge and Enpower batteries. We provide these batteries to our customers because of their superior performance and quality. 

In addition to the all-encompassing benefits of solar batteries, here are the 6 benefits of installing Enphase battery storage systems:

1. Reliable

Enphase has devoted years for research, development, testing and training to design their storage solutions that are more reliable than ever. These batteries have no single point of failure and are able to withstand harsh temperatures and humidity conditions because of their innovative semiconductor and passive cooling technology.

2. Safe

Enphase batteries are manufactured with non-harmful Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry and they don’t use high voltage DC batteries.

3. Smart Technology

These batteries offer peak performance through various smart technology components. This includes the Power Start™ function which automatically supplies power to appliances when needed, such as air conditioning and water pumps. Additionally, the Storm Guard™ feature will focus energy storage when there is bad weather. You also don’t have to worry about installing system updates as they will be completed virtually, allowing practically hands-free maintenance.

4. Usability

Customers are able to easily track and monitor their Enphase solar array and their Enphase Encharge battery performance all in one place using the Enlighten™ mobile app.

5. Ease of Install

Many solar arrays already use Enphase products such as microinverters, making it easy to add an Enphase solar battery later on. Worried that you aren’t already using Enphase technology? Don’t worry! These batteries can also be installed to existing systems that use other technology.

6. Start Small, Then Go Big

If you’re thinking about getting a solar battery but don’t know what size will be best for your energy consumption, you can start small then add more storage after.

Whether you’re thinking about going solar with battery backup or if you’re an existing solar customer who’s considering adding a battery, Enphase storage solutions are a great choice for energy security. They offer optimal performance, safety and reliability for your energy needs. Michigan Solar Solutions is trained and certified to install Enphase batteries, so ask us about our Enphase battery product offerings!

Want more information on solar batteries? Visit our battery backup page or watch our webinars.

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