3 Reasons to Care About NABCEP Certified Solar Installers

78958540_mEvery company sources products and services essential to running their operations and maintaining their offerings. Many companies have sourcing policies that require thorough vetting of suppliers to ensure they meet certain standards of quality and reliability, why should buying solar be any different?  NABCEP certification in the solar industry authenticates an educated staff as well as quality workmanship. So what is NABCEP certification and why is it important to a customer when sourcing the next 30+ years of electricity?


1. Gold Standard of Education in the Solar Electric Industry

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification is the gold standard of education in the solar electric industry. NABCEP, a nonprofit organization incorporated in 2002, is a nationally recognized credentialing body formed to set competency standards for professional practitioners in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. In an excerpt from their handbook: 

“The mission of NABCEP is to work with and support the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, professionals, and stakeholders to develop and implement quality credentialing and certification programs for practitioners. Practitioners who choose to become certified must demonstrate their competence in the field and their commitment to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice.”

NABCEP offers multiple levels of individual certification over various different disciplines within the solar industry. Practitioners can receive associate or bachelor's equivalents in areas such as installation, design, and sales. NABCEP now also offers a company level accreditation requiring strategically placed NABCEP certified employees as well as stringent service, quality, and safety requirements. 

2. NABCEP Assures Quality, Safety, and Service of Solar Installations

Now that we know what NABCEP is let’s examine why it is important. NABCEP is important because it ensures the solar system has accurate and sound design, the safety of the system and workers, and the overall reliability of the firm. 

It is incredibly important that the design of a solar array is sound, both mechanically and electrically. Using a NABCEP certified design engineer you can rest easy that your array will not fly off the roof or come out of the ground from wind loads. Electrically, it is important that the system is configured correctly with accurate wire sizes, disconnects, and connection points. If a system is not correctly configured it can result in underperformance or a fire safety hazard to the home or business. Why risk working with a team without a NABCEP certified member?

The two leading causes of deaths in the construction industry are falls and electrocution, solar installations mix both of those elements making safety a top priority. By choosing to work with a NABCEP certified installer you get professionals who recognize the importance and gravity of safety on the job site and beyond.  Furthermore, you can count on all local and regional electric and building codes to be followed and enforced, which improves system safety and decreases delays in project commissioning. 

3. Quality Solar Installation Companies Invest in Their People

Would you choose to work with a firm in any capacity that does not invest in its people? Likely, you answered no. NABCEP certification fees are most often footed by the employer, which speaks to the firm's overall reliability, are they or aren't they investing in their human capital? NABCEP certification requires all practitioners to adhere to a code of ethics and requirements to maintain your certification - given this fact, I ask again - why even consider contracting an alternative energy supplier that does not bolster NABCEP certification? 

To summarize; NABCEP certification is your one-stop source for choosing a quality, educated, safe, and ethical solar company. NABCEP certification will improve the likelihood that your system’s function and the company you have contracted is safe and reliable. Michigan Solar Solutions currently has three NABCEP certified staff and will be seeking our company accreditation in 2020.


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John Jevahirian, Commercial Solar Consultant

Written by John Jevahirian, Commercial Solar Consultant

John graduated from Xavier University in ’17 with a degree in Sustainability; Economics and Management and a Minor in Environmental Studies. John represents MSS as a professional stakeholder in the Detroit 2030 District and as a member of the Detroit Green Task Force.

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