3 Reasons Including Solar in a Building Upgrade is an Excellent Idea

commercial electric billsIn 2019 alone, 22,102 commercial businesses underwent remodels in the U.S. and thousands of homes also undergo remodels each year. 

Is adding solar during a commercial or residential remodel a good idea?

Businesses and residents alike may reap the benefits of decreased electricity costs, sustainability, and increased home or business value by installing solar. While solar can be added at any time, it is advantageous to go solar as part of a larger building upgrade or new construction. Here’s why.

1. No Need to Retrofit

By adding solar during the construction period, you won’t need to retrofit your home or business, later on, to better accommodate solar. With solar in mind during the initial design of your remodel or new construction, you can incorporate important solar specifications to produce the most energy from your system. This includes the best angle of your roof and south-facing direction, roof load bearings, layout, electrical circuits and more.

2. Cost Reductions

That being said, you will save money by adding solar during a building or home remodel. No need to make unnecessary changes down the road to have solar installed such as new electrical work, roofing, and design. This saves you money and time.

3. Add Value

In addition to the added value by updating paint color, cabinetry, flooring and more during a home remodel, adding solar is also a great way to increase the value of your home. Homes with solar sell on average for 4.1% higher than those without. Even if you’re not looking to sell your house, your house will be more energy-efficient, saving you money on your electric bill each year with solar.

Adding solar to your commercial building will certainly add to your triple bottom line

See if solar is right for you and if your commercial solar system is right for your business.

Everything you need to know about commercial solar

If you or another business is interested in having an undeniable impact on your triple bottom line give us a call for a free consultation to see if solar is right for you! Call (248) 923-3456 or request a Free Online Solar Analysis for Your Business.

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Allison Schmuecker, Marketing Communications Specialist

Written by Allison Schmuecker, Marketing Communications Specialist

Allison is creative marketer that specializes in digital marketing, content creation and website development. She is passionate about sustainability and the solar industry and has participated in the Solar Decathlon Competition at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Allison has a degree in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design from Michigan State University.

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The Average Return on Solar in Michigan is Over 10% Per Year

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