3 Advantages of Monitoring Your Solar Energy


Did you know that you can easily monitor your solar array’s energy production? It’s as simple as viewing production online or through a smartphone/tablet application. Monitoring is an important tool to track production trends, detect issues with your array and understand your electricity bill. Let’s talk about solar monitoring benefits in more detail and go over how it works.

3 Advantages of Monitoring Your Solar Energy

Energy production trends

Monitoring your array throughout the year allows you to track trends in energy production. Your array will produce more energy in the spring, summer and fall with longer days and more sun exposure and less in the winter. Learn more about winter solar energy production and monitoring.

Detect issues

If you regularly track trends in production, you can detect problems when they arise. Sometimes your panels are under-producing due to something such as a tree branch that blew onto the array or a heavy snowfall.

Understand your electricity bill

If you have consumption monitoring the portal provides information on how much electricity you’re consuming by using major appliances, lighting and so forth compared to what’s being offset by solar. This can give insight into how you can decrease energy usage and your bill.

How does monitoring your solar array work?

SolarEdge monitoring

At MSS, we use two primary monitoring platforms, SolarEdge and Enphase Enlighten which can be accessed online or via a smartphone app. When you go solar with us, you will be given access to your monitoring portal and one of our salespeople will walk you through the process.

Homeowners can look at and monitor their site as often as they want through the app on their phone, or they can go to the website on the computer.

Here’s an example from SolarEdge of what a monitoring portal looks like.

For more information on how you can monitor your solar array, check out these videos depending on your platform:

SolarEdge Users

Enphase Enlighten Users

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Photo by SolarEdge

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Allison Schmuecker, Marketing Communications Specialist

Written by Allison Schmuecker, Marketing Communications Specialist

Allison is a creative marketer that specializes in digital marketing, content creation and website development. She has been with the MSS team since December 2018 as a key author of the MSS blogs, social media manager and more. Allison is passionate about sustainability and the solar industry and has participated in the Solar Decathlon Competition at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Allison has a degree in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design from Michigan State University.

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