Is Solar Free?

Some solar companies like to draw customers in with the promise of Free Solar.  The truth of the matter is that nothing is ever really free. 

Here is how this misleading tactic really works:

  • You are already paying for electricity from the utility company.  Let's use $150 a month as an example.
  • You decide to install solar and finance the system with monthly payments.  Very often, your payment is right around what you are currently paying the utility company.
  • Because you chose to go solar, your electric bill could drop to zero for the electricity.  You will still have a connection fee to the electric company (around $10 a month,) but the electricity you use to buy from them is now made onsite with your solar array.
  • You don't pay $150 to the utility company, you pay the money to finance the solar equipment to make your own.  So the change to your net out of pocket is practically zero.  The solar equipment isn't costing you anything more than what you were already spending.  The rational is if you aren't spending any more money than what you were, it is free.

Solar is a great investment.  In the above scenario, the truly great part is that your payment is always the same amount, until you pay it off.  In Michigan, the price of electricity from the utility companies go up an average of 4-8% every year.  Going solar protects you from ever seeing a price increase.  Once you make your final solar payment, your monthly bill goes away and you create your own power free and clear.  The average homeowner will save $40,000 by going solar during the 25 year warranty period.  Most systems will continue to produce 35-40 years.

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The Average Return on Solar in Michigan is Over 10% Per Year

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