3 Ways Battery Backup and Solar Empowers Your Prosperity

Ray Myers, Solar Consultant will show you how backup batteries with solar will protect you during power outages, keep you safe and keep critical systems going - and give you peace of mind.

How to Go Solar in Michigan During the Stay-at-Home Order

How to go solar during Michigan's stay-at-home order. Ray Myers will walk you through the whole process works - idea to design, decision to installation - while staying safe at home. https://michigansolarsolutions.com

Energy Security in the Age of Social Distancing

This webinar is available on Tuesday, March 31 at 8 PM. "Energy Security In the Age of Social Distancing with Michigan Solar Solutions." Protecting your business, home and family from a sudden loss of electricity is more important than ever with sheltering in place during a pandemic. In our first webcast, you will get ideas for easily and comfortably minimizing your energy needs, learn how owning your own power with solar puts you in control, and how including backup batteries with your solar system will help you sail through a power outage.Ray Myers, Solar Consultant is your presenter. Michigan Solar Solutions will be available during the watch party to discuss and respond to questions.
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The Average Return on Solar in Michigan is Over 10% Per Year

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Want to discover how much you’ll save?

Using only satellite imagery and your most recent electric bill, our solar experts can provide a detailed proposal with up to 98% accuracy. The best part is there’s zero obligation and zero pressure. We’re confident once you see what you can save, you’ll upgrade to solar.

Is Solar Right for Me?