Frequently Asked Questions About Going Solar in Michigan

Does solar work in Michigan?
What is a good location for solar?
How Much Does Solar Cost?
If I can’t afford a whole solar array to offset all of my electricity now, do I have options?
Is there financing available or can I lease my solar array?
Do you offer discounts for payment in full, without using financing?
Do I need batteries for solar?
If my home is more energy efficient, will solar cost me less?
Will a solar array work with my generator?
How does solar power work?
Do solar panels work when it is cloudy?
Do Solar panels work in a blackout?
What about hail hitting my solar panels?
Do Solar Panels Reflect Light?
Do solar panels create a fire hazard risk?
Do solar panels have a natural tendency to attract lightning strikes?
Can I use wind power at my house or business?
Isn’t solar expensive?
How long does it take to get a payback?
Can I move the system if I decide to sell my house?
How long are the warranties and what do they entail?
Does the system affect the warranty on the roof?
How do solar panels interact with homeowners insurance?
Does the roof need replacement or any additional reinforcements added to compensate for the weight of the panels?
Are there incentives for renewable energy?
What is the difference between a Tax Credit, a Refundable Tax Credit and a Tax Deduction?
Can I generate all my own power?
Is there a way for me to monitor the production of the system?
When is the best time of year to have a solar array installed?
How long does the process take?
How do I find out if solar is right for me . . . what is my next step?
Is there any maintenance on the panels or system?
If I want to wash my panels or remove the snow, how do I do it?

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