Outstanding Solar and Electric Service

We are one of the few solar companies with a full-time service department, monitoring our customer’s solar arrays via the internet and helping you find a solar installer.

Here’s what our Service Department can do for you:

  • Service arrays installed by MSS and other installers: If you have an array that needs service contact us today, no matter who installed it!
  • Monitor the performance of all the systems we have installed, and even some we haven’t installed (e.g. when an original installer is no longer in business or if you’re not happy with your current monitoring company)
  • Troubleshoot any production or communication issues that come up within the different monitoring portals (e.g. SolarEdge, Enphase, and more.) 
  • Work with equipment manufacturers on your behalf if we are not able to resolve an issue.
  • Communicate with you to help troubleshoot a problem with your system and arrange a site visit when necessary.
  • Mediate warranty claims and product replacement

Downloadable Help Documents

Cellular Plugin Troubleshooting
How to Reset a Bridge
Instructions to Reset Zigbee
Inverter Power Cycle Instructions
SE Inverter Screen Readings

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Solar Maintenance Frequently Asks Questions

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How can I read my meter after I get solar?
What do I do if my solar shows it is not producing power?
What happens if I have leftover credits at the end of a year?

Our Service Promise

Please know we do our best to monitor our hundreds of customers' systems through the portal and we will alert you if we find an issue that needs correcting. If you note something odd yourself and have questions, please reach out to the Service Department at (248) 923-3456, opt 2, by email at service@michigansolarsolutions.com or tell us more by completing the form, above.

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