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Michigan Solar Solutions has installed multiple commercial solar arrays in Michigan.

Michigan Solar Solutions provides commercial customers with lower and more predictable electric costs with rate plan analysis, rooftop and ground-mounted solar solutions, and the use of new battery technologies. If you are concerned by  continuously increasing utility electric costs, we can provide a clean, green sustainable path to electric savings.  Some customers have seen utility savings of 10-30%, and an almost risk-free solar return on investment of 8% or more.

The approach to solar for commercial applications is different than residential arrays, due to the net metering laws in Michigan.  With residential installations, the goal is usually to offset 100% of the electricity used.  This is usually possible because most residential installations are under 20kw and thus qualify for Category 1 – True Net Metering.  With commercial applications, however, the amount of electricity used is much greater, placing an array to offset electricity in Categories 2 or 3.  These categories include additional fees for delivery, different credit structure for net metering, etc.

Michigan Solar Solutions offers commercial customers the following benefits:

  • A thorough understanding of the rate structures used by the public utility companies.  We will evaluate your rate plan and advise you if a change makes better fiscal sense for your situation.  It isn’t uncommon for us to suggest a simple rate plan change that results in a company saving tens of thousands of dollars each year after following our advise.
  •  We can analyze your situation and suggest the most beneficial size solar array and use of battery technology to lower your peak demand levels.  The potential return on investment can be significant.

Financing Your Solar Future

Michigan Solar Solutions can advise your company on financing options that can result in Returns On Investment in as little as five years.  In addition to traditional bank financing, two popular choices for financing solar projects are available.

Michigan SavesSM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making energy improvements easy and affordable. Michigan Solar Solutions is an authorized Michigan Saves solar contractor. Simply work with Michigan Solar Solutions to design the size of the solar system you want and we’ll help you apply.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is an innovative financing alternative for comprehensive energy efficiency improvements. The best return on investment is often improvements in energy efficiency, e.g., LED lighting upgrades. In fact, energy efficiency and solar energy make even more sense when taken together. Unlike traditional balance sheet borrowing, PACE project costs are assessed to the property and paid for in installments, often over as long as 20 years.

Other Topics of Interest

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Tax Credits and Incentives

For a free consultation on methods to dramatically reduce your electricity expenditures, fill out the form at the side of the page.  We will contact you and discuss how Michigan Solar Solutions can positively impact your company’s bottom line.