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From your first discussions with our commercial specialist, you will notice the difference. Our mission is to offer commercial customers lower and more predictable electric costs with rate plan analysis, rooftop and ground-mounted solar solutions, and the use of new battery technologies.

Solar Installation for Commercial Properties in Michigan  - commercialIf you are concerned by continuously increasing electric utility costs or demand charges we have a tailored solution for you. Some customers have seen utility savings of 30-50% and an almost risk-free solar return on investment of 8% or more annually.

The approach to solar for commercial applications is different than residential arrays, due to the electricity metering laws in Michigan. Michigan Solar Solutions develops an in depth knowledge of the businesses usage patterns from historical data. This allows us to adequately pair the business with the most advantageous solar array size. Based on the historical data, goals, growth plans and constraints, we make suggestions that will benefit not only the businesses bottom line but also provide them with a host of other ancillary values. These include marketing, sustainable reporting metrics, supply chain compliance, employee retention and an opportunity to be an industry leader.

We Can Develop a Solution That Fits the Needs of Your Business

Commercial & Industrial

Whether your concerns are Demand Fees, or rising electrical rates, we have a tailored solution. The first step is for us to better understand what your goals are. Some companies we have worked with have had goals such as; compliance with a corporate Green Plan, reducing ridiculously high demand fees, marketing to their customer base and lowering their electricity costs. Schedule a free consultation today.

Farms & Rural Small Business

Farms and rural small businesses can install a solar array and qualify for a USDA REAP grant that will pay 25%, receive a 30% tax credit, and receive an Accelerated Bonus Depreciation Allowance. When you take all of this into consideration, a $60,000 solar array could have a net out-of-pocket of less than $10,000. Further, there are Federally backed loans to fund solar electric projects.

With the savings you will realize on your electric bill (because now your electricity is created with your solar array), the system could pay for itself in as little as five years. This could save you over $100,000 in the array warranty period, alone. The array itself is a great long-term investment, with the life expectancy of over 40 years.

Michigan Solar Solutions can help rural small businesses and farmers understand the saving and benefits of solar power and write the USDA REAP grant application for FREE (a $2,000+ value). We can provide you with a free solar analysis to see if solar is right for you. Michigan Solar Solutions works with several financial organizations to help you get financing, including Green Stone Farm Credit Services.

House of Worship

Many times, a house of worship receives donations that they use for a new fellowship hall, youth center, or the like. Once this money is spent, they are forevermore saddled with increased heating bills, light bills, janitorial bills, and maintenance bills. This uses already scarce operating funds limiting community outreach and mission projects even more. Many houses of worship have instead taken the money and used it on energy efficiency projects and solar electric power. What this accomplishes is freeing up operating funds to do more community outreach and mission projects.


Michigan Solar Solutions feel that municipal entities (cities, towns, and townships) have more than an opportunity, they must lead renewable energy efforts. Increasingly, people consider a community commitment to the environment when choosing where to live and where to do business.


Be a leader with green energy to help run your buildings or programs. Solar power has many benefits beyond saving energy:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Save money
  • Show your donors and constituents that you are committed to sustainability and the future of the organization

Michigan Solar Solutions is affiliated with investors that offer private leasing options to non-profit organizations. This arrangement can save your organization up to 20% off their annual electric bill the first year. Your lease payment will be fixed, but the savings increase each year as the price of electricity goes up (4-6% annually in Michigan).


Michigan Solar Solutions believes that to propagate the deployment of solar, we require education to mold the minds of our children. What better way to teach your students about green power, solar panels, and wind turbines than to have them installed in your school district? More and more, parents include green values when choosing schools for their children. Michigan Solar Solutions staff has more than 25 years of experience supporting Michigan Schools, either with green power, grant assistance, or in other industries.

Michigan Solar Solutions offers commercial customers the following benefits:

A thorough understanding of the rate structures used by the public utility companies. We will evaluate your rate plan and advise you if a change makes better fiscal sense for your situation. It isn’t uncommon for us to suggest a simple rate plan change that results in a company saving tens of thousands of dollars each year after following our advice.

Extensive knowledge of the available technology, and how to best utilize it for your needs. We can analyze your situation and suggest the most beneficial size solar array and use of battery technology to lower your peak demand levels. With our in-depth knowledge guiding your decisions, the potential return on investment can be significant.

Financing Your Solar Future

Michigan Solar Solutions can advise your company on financing options that can result in Returns on Investment in as little as five years. In addition to traditional bank financing, two popular choices for financing solar projects are available.

Michigan Saves is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making energy improvements easy and affordable. Michigan Solar Solutions is an authorized Michigan Saves solar contractor. Simply work with Michigan Solar Solutions to design the size of the solar system you want, and we’ll help you apply.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is an innovative financing alternative for comprehensive energy efficiency improvements. The best return on investment is often improvements in energy efficiency, e.g., LED lighting upgrades. In fact, energy efficiency and solar energy make even more sense when taken together. Unlike traditional balance sheet borrowing, PACE project costs are assessed to the property and paid for in bi-annual property tax installments, often over as long as 20 years.

For a free consultation on methods to dramatically reduce your electricity expenditures, please contact us today to schedule a free solar analysis where a member of Michigan Solar Solutions can explain show you how solar can positively impact your company’s bottom line.

The Average Return on Solar in Michigan is Over 10% Per Year

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Want to discover how much you’ll save?

Using only satellite imagery and your most recent electric bill, our solar experts can provide a detailed proposal with up to 98% accuracy. The best part is there’s zero obligation and zero pressure. We’re confident once you see what you can save, you’ll upgrade to solar.

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