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The consumer tip, Personal Property Tax Exemption for Solar Panels, released by the Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE) and Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has caused much confusion as some local tax assessors have declared it "contrary to Michigan Law".  We have communicated with MAE, MPSC and the Michigan Tax Commission and gleaned the following information: The Tax Exemption Consumer Tip from MAE/MPSC was reviewed by the Michigan Tax Commission prior to the release. Upon release it was expected that local tax assessors would simply see that solar is classified as personal property (based on a prior Michigan Tax Tribunal Case) as clarification of the issue and act accordingly to not tax solar if a tax exemption form is filed.  However, not all assessors have responded in this way.   Local tax assessors have much latitude in the valuation of taxable property but not in the classification of property (taxable or not taxable).  At least one local assessor has not accepted the personal property classification and is refusing to accept exemption forms. The problem is that the Michigan Tax Commission has not officially ruled on the classification of solar as personal property or real property, so it is still unclear.  A case in front of the Michigan Tax Tribunal (tax court) is expected to be ruled upon in the very near future and has released a statement that they intend to rule that, in this case, solar is not personal property, it is real property and therefore taxable. The Michigan Tax Commission can agree with this case ruling or not, and move to set the final designation for solar as personal or real property.  The next meeting of the Michigan Tax Commission is Tuesday, February 13th and they do accept public comment at the beginning of the meeting.,4679,7-121-1751_2228-393868--,00.html MPSC/MAE is expected to release a clarification on their tax tip very soon, certainly by the end of the week. Stay tuned, be active, Dave Konkle, President Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

MSS Partners with Michigan State University Students at the Solar Decathlon Design Competition

In April, a group of 5 Michigan State University students traveled to Golden, Colorado to present their research in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Design Competition. The Solar Decathlon is a worldwide collegiate competition where students are faced with global sustainability issues and teams work to design energy efficient residences, work places, schools, and more that will appeal to their intended market.

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NEW RGS Solar Shingles!

Michigan Solar Solutions is proud to announce our new product line, RGS POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles! MSS is proud to have been chosen as RGS's premier partner in the state and is excited to sell a product that was originally developed by Dow in...

DTE Requests 9.1% rate increase

According to an article in Crain’s Detroit, DTE submitted a rate increase of 9.1% for residential customers and 4.3% for commercial customers.  Industry professionals anticipate other electric companies in Michigan to follow...

Pearl Certification

Michigan Solar Solutions is Pearl Certified! Only the network of elite, highly-quality contractors can offer Pearl Certification. Michigan Solar Solutions is the only Pearl Certified solar contractor in Michigan. In other words, you can have...

Statewide Solar Home Tours

Learn About Solar From Your Neighbor 23nd Annual Michigan Solar Home Tour and Open House Coming to a Community Near You  LANSING – On October 6, the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) is sponsoring the 23nd Annual Michigan Solar...

Emergency Power System: Grid-Hybrid

Michigan Solar Solutions wants to help homeowners to understand the value of having an emergency power system. The story below is meant to help homeowners understand what options are available and what benefits each option offers. As evening...

Solar: Is it right for you NOW?

You may have read our previous blog Is Solar Right For Me?  In that blog, we provide a lot of information showing why everyone should be looking at solar.  Financially, it just makes sense - long term.  But, there are...

MSS Welcomes two new staff members

Michigan Solar Solutions welcomes two new staff members to its ranks.   Mikki Blinke has joined our Operations department and will become the primary contact for customer service.  Prior to joining MSS, she worked as an office...

Michigan Solar Policy Updates - The Good & The Bad

Earlier in the year, we asked for your help in reaching out to the MPSC to encourage them to keep reimbursement rates the same - in favor of solar.  On April 20th (Earth Day of all days!) their decision was made public.  Michigan Solar...

Personal Property Tax Exemption for Solar Panels

Michigan property owners with solar panels are likely eligible for 100 percent tax exemption Current tax rules likely exempt most small-scale systems LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE) and Michigan Public Service...
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