There are three primary types of solar arrays:  Grid Tied, Off-Grid and hybrid Grid Tied with Battery Backup.  This section deals with the latter two.

Off-Grid Solar

Off-grid solar arrays are ideal for locations where running power lines to them is cost prohibitive or too inconvenient.  Michigan Solar Solutions has installed many off-grid applications to include;

  • cabins
  • barns
  • gazebos
  • sheds
  • golf cart charging stations
  • RV’s
  • security/entrance lighting
  • electric gates
  • hunting camps
  • boat hoists

Off-grid solar arrays works differently than grid tied.  They require charge controllers, batteries and inverters.  Care must be taken to ensure batteries are well maintained, are not discharged too far and that adequate ventilation is provided for batteries that off-gas.

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Battery Back-Up

Hybrid grid-tied solar arrays have battery back-up systems that are designed for homeowners in areas with frequent power outages.  If you have a critical loads that need to run when the grid is down, such as sump pumps, furnace fans and medical devices, this is the system for you. These systems can also be designed to run completely off the grid which is great for homeowners seeking independence, hunters with remote cabins and specialty applications like lighting, refrigeration and water pumping.

For home businesses you can power your computer network so you can run your business when the power goes out!

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